Policy Statements

APBP Policy Statements

The Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals (APBP) supports the community of professionals working to create more walkable, bikeable places through facilitating the exchange of professional and technical knowledge and by promoting fundamental positions that are broadly acknowledged and acted upon by APBP members.

APBP Policy Principles:

  1. APBP represents the professional expertise and practical experience of its members in transportation policy discussions to advance active and healthy communities.
  2. APBP endorses active transportation as an integral part of transportation systems through all stages of planning, design, funding, and implementation.
  3. APBP supports connected, convenient, and safe streets and pathways in every community and planning with the input of every member of a community.
  4. APBP advances street designs that make walking and bicycling a viable option for everyone in every place.

Caron Whitaker


Caron Whitaker
APBP Policy Specialist