Mentor Program

With a mission of connecting bicycle and pedestrian professionals who are new to the field with more experienced practitioners, the mentorship program will foster networking, enhance career development, encourage cross-generational learning and inspire friendships.

Applications for the 2024 Program are now open! Follow the link below to apply by December 1, 2023.



Two individuals enjoying time outside together.

Mentors will..

  • Inspire future leaders
  • Share successes and challenges
  • Cultivate fresh relationships and new professional networks
  • Provide valuable insight into the field 


Friends standing proudly in front of bicycle display.Mentees will...

  • Inspire professionals
  • Gain knowledge and perspective from seasoned professionals
  • Learn valuable networking and career skills
  • Provide insight into the next generation of leaders


Program Structure

  • All participants must be APBP members.
  • The program launches in January and runs through September annually.
  • Based on applications, one mentor will be paired with one mentee for the duration of the program. As far as possible, mentor and mentee matches will be prioritized based on preferences and geographic proximity to promote in-person meet-ups. Occasionally, 3-person matches may be necessary.
  • Mentors and mentees will be introduced via e-mail and will establish meeting frequencies and goals. Success will be determined by the effort participants invest in seeking and providing feedback, and setting and achieving goals.
  • APBP will help to guide the mentorship pairs and will organize online events to support the program.

The Value of Participating for Your Organization
Participants in the Mentor Program will gain invaluable life lessons, enhance their leadership and peer mentoring skills, develop confidence, and develop their role within their respective organizations. They meet leaders and participants from companies and functional roles different from their own, expanding professional networks. This program can be readily incorporated into employee development plans. There's no cost! Just some time and commitment needed to be a successful mentee or mentor.