Merisa Lia Morici

APBP Board of Directors Candidate Statement

Merisa Lia Morici 
Senior Program Manager

Merisa Morici Headshot

Please briefly describe your current position and how your work relates to the bicycle/pedestrian field:  
I am a senior program manager for authorized parking and special use at NYC DOT. Previously, I was a senior project manager in the Pedestrian Unit at NYC DOT. For my work I need to balance the needs of cities agencies with the needs to active transportation. I am frequently figuring out ways to update antiquated systems to allow for more space on the street for bike lanes and pedestrian spaces vs. parking.

Why do you want to be a Board member? What do you hope to gain over the term of your Board membership? 
I really want to be more involved in APBP, I love being part of the list serve and reading everyone discussions. It really excites me to be part of a group so passionate about bicycles and pedestrians. I also want to make the group much more active in the NYC area, which I feel is lacking currently.

Please describe your goals for APBP and how your leadership on the Board will benefit the association. 
I want to expand the presence of APBP in the NYC area. I would also love to create more detailed and standard criteria for traffic circles, uncontrolled crossings, and pedestrian warrants.

Past volunteer/leadership positions with other organizations: 
I am currently a WTS apprentice, I have volunteers with the Madison Square Park Conservancy.