Mauricio Hernandez

APBP Board of Directors Candidate Statement

Mauricio Hernandez
Senior Planning Associate
Alta Planning + Design

Mauricio Hernandez Headshot  

Please briefly describe your current position and how your work relates to the bicycle/pedestrian field:  
I currently serve as a Senior Planning Associate at Alta Planning + Design and a member of Alta's Northern California Leadership focusing on all things active transportation. For the past 10 years I've been involved in projects geared towards improving the built environment with particular attention to making the experience, safety, connectivity and comfort for people walking and biking better. I have been lucky that my work has taken me throughout communities large and small: minority-majority, communities where the car is still king, and communities where biking and walking are just another way of life. I have also been fortunate to help provide diverse communities with additional safe and comfortable options for how to get around and by doing so, help strengthen community connections. I am happy that this continues to be the focus of my work and hope to bring this experience to the APBP Board.

Why do you want to be a Board member? What do you hope to gain over the term of your Board membership? 
Having been a member of APBP national as well as a couple of local chapters for a number of years, I have come to appreciate the countless opportunities the organization brings to learn and to explore the different issues surrounding the active transportation world. I also had the opportunity this year to help with the APBP mentorship program and serve as a mentor to a fantastic individual who also taught me a few things through the process. I have also served in the Diversity Task force looking at how to increase participation of people of color in our APBP ranks. Both opportunities have been incredibly enriching and afforded me time to think about how we as transportation professionals can best represent the interests of each community that we live in, serve, and make part of. As a first generation Colombian-American, I want to bring my experience to the APBP board in hopes of representing MY community, as well as strengthening the diverse relationships we have with all members and beyond. I hope a seat at the table can afford me the opportunity to bring a diverse perspective to transportation issues, and that I can continue working to best represent the communities I live, work and serve in.

Please describe your goals for APBP and how your leadership on the Board will benefit the association. 
I am pleased with the steps that the organization continues to make to advance diversity and inclusion initiatives. However, having participated in the APBP Mentorship Program and served as a member of the organization's Diversity Task force for the past year, I've experienced first-hand how different our membership and leadership roster continue to be, from the communities that we work in. My hope is therefore that my tenure as a Board member can bring a diverse perspective to the organization's leadership and by doing so, it can continue to grow its POC membership/representation. I'm also excited to help the organization gain a better understanding of the transportation issues our diverse communities continue to have. By doing so, we can continue to help address years of inefficient and underfunded transportation networks that have focused on moving vehicles rather than people.

Past volunteer/leadership positions with APBP: 
APBP Capital Area Chapter former Member; APBP Diversity Task Force Member; APBP Bay Area Current Member; APBP Mentorship Program - mentor

Past volunteer/leadership positions with other organizations: 
Chair, TCRP J-11/Task 37 –Transit and Micro-mobility; Member, Innovations in Transportation Equity for Latino Communities Workgroup; APA Florida Chapter Member; APA Northern California Chapter Member